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Zahrievacie vrecká Super power pre Trekmates Cook box - 5 ks

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Dostupnosť: Skladom
Číslo produktu: 32089
Bežná cena 12,90 EUR
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9,50 EUR

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Zahrievacie vrecká Super power heatpack pre Cook box


- jednorazové vrecká, pomocou ktorých bez plameňa tepelne upravíte potraviny teplotou až 90°C

- revolučný systém, ktorý aktiváciou zahrievacieho vrecka pomocou vody tepelne upraví jedlo uvoľnenou vodnou parou

- ľahká a bezpečná alternatíva plynových varičov

- ideálny bez ohľadu na počasie

- balenie obsahuje 5 ks Super power 90°C

- váha jedného vrecka je 50 g


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Mike R | 8 reviews

I have bought 2 of the Flameless cook flasks and 2 of the cook boxes and recommend both 100%, The flask will get tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup hot in about 10 minutes and keep it hot for about an hour. We also used it to heat mulled wine on a couple of winter wild camps in the snow. It's easy to make a hot drink on windy cold summits without the messing about with a stove. Tip- Don't be tempted to drink hot liquids through the white sip spout, if the drink is too hot you will only find out when you have a mouth full. take off the lid and drink from the rim like a mug. Brilliant.

?Andy Tait | 8 reviews

Brilliant, mix your instant hot chocolate with water in the metal flask, one high power heat pack, 20ml water, 10 minutes and done.

Robert | 8 reviews

This is a great piece of kit ~ we love it! Took it, and the full flameless cooker as well, on a day walk and it worked brilliantly ~ boiling water for tea within 5 minutes and hot food in 10 minutes. Same weight allowance as a good set of emergency rations. Will definitely be taking this out on the hills with us next time.

C. Smith | 8 reviews

Been using this to make re-hydrated meals. V.good. Only problem is in cold weather the meal gets cold quickly when outside tent. Will use this then in summer on week long holidays, and the flameless cook box in winter. Makes a hot coffee, but better to mix it in a separate cup, as it is too hot to drink direct from flask, and water from bottom cup pours out.

Wendy | 8 reviews

Great for quick hot drinks when out and about. Very easy to use.

C.Price | 8 reviews

Bought this to take to music festivals as it were a cheaper and lighter option to the jetboil... The initial try out was at home. Very impressed so far. The only issue was that the measuring bottle doesn't fit inside the flask for packing down small. However, I plan on getting a smaller alternative and modifying it so that the water levels are the same. It is very easy to use and the results was a nice hot cup of coffee. I used ready made dried latte in a sachet in a regular sized mug. There was enough water and a bit left over. Very pleased with the outcomes and am considering the flameless cook set in future.

Martin | 8 reviews

Just tried it out.absolutely fantastic product.cant wait till my next camping trip..





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